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When Employees Engage,
Your Company

Vester will help you monitor employee share trades and manage equity plans in one place, while empowering your team to engage with their plans and create a culture of ownership.
Our Story

We're a dedicated group with a deep understanding of finance, technology, design, and corporate governance. Our aim is to simplify the process for every listed company to enable their employees to have a stake in the success they help create.

Having been  employees, managers, and directors of listed companies ourselves, we believe there is room for improvement and innovation, and our passion is to build a better future for shared prosperity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to foster a culture of ownership, where prosperity is shared by all employees as shareholders in the company they help create and sustain. We believe in creating a powerful positive synergy between employees and the companies they believe in.  With Vester, we're not just transforming equity management,  we're unlocking the true potential of every workforce, driving growth, and shaping a future where everyone can  thrive and succeed.


Vester is a purpose built, enterprise platform for employee share plan management by listed companies.

Our technology automates workflows in share trading permissions, oversight, compliance, calendaring and reporting, joining up listed companies to the exchange, registries, tax department and facilitates easy communication with employees on trading and plan management through a dedicated employee app.

Who are we

Vester is a purpose-built enterprise platform to power the share plan ecosystem for listed companies and their employees.


Vester TradeWatch

Track and manage employee, director, and related party share transactions with customisable blackout dates, approval workflows and D&O report generation. 

Business Meeting

Vester Enterprise

Streamline option plan management and oversight of share trades, forecasting, treasury stock management, enhanced reporting, workflows and powerful AI tools to help model, report on and understand equity performance across your enterprise and the market.


Empower your workforce with an intuitive employee app full of tools to manage equity options, documentation and share trade requests.  Instil a strong sense of pride and ownership by giving your team an app to monitor, request trades and understand their option and share plans like never before.

Vester makes it easy for listed companies to offer equity, and for employees to engage in ownership.


Streamlined, Simplified & Scalable

  • Daily updates of staff requests and share trades

  • Dedicated communication & data platform for comprehensive oversight

  • Workflows and reporting for seamless oversight and admin tasks



Empowering, Engaging & Transparent

  • Easily understand offered plans and trading rules to make informed decisions

  • View overall plan value and potential tax estimates in real-time

  • Request to trade, blackouts and disclosure notices built in

How it works

Unlock the potential of equity compensation with a tailored platform for listed companies

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